Putting on a Smörgåsbord

Fancy having a smörgåsbord as part of the evening?

The word smörgåsbord really just means buffet and the Swedish buffet is full of yummyness. So what do you need? Luckily a quick trip to your closest IKEA should do the trick! Here's a list to get you started.

1. Meatballs (köttbullar)
2. Lingonsylt (a bit like cranberry sauce, it says jam - but it's not really!!)
3. Mustard (senap)
4. Knäckebröd (Crips bread)
5. Pickled Herring (Inlagd Sil, any of the different sills are great, this one is my favel)
6 Gravad Lax
7. Skorpor (you can also get these in Tescos!)
8. Tunnbröd (thin bread like stuff to put meatballs or cheese in)
9. Lingon Squash (Lingon drick)

1. Kanelbullar (cinamon buns need defrosting and heating up)
2. Dammsugare (translates as vacum cleaners!)
3. Peparkakor (Ginger snaps)
4. Kakaobollar (coconut, chocolate balls)
5. Bakelse Princess (little cakey things, usually come in whole big cakes, very traditional, very Swedish)

We're planning a trip to IKEA and we'll lay an example out and blog about it....