Songs and tales from the land of the midnight sun

Taking inspiration from some of Sweden's greatest artists, Smörgåsballad is an evening of music and tales from the Swedish Summer. Banish the winter blues by finding out about the tradition of the Easter Witches, of what happens if you pick seven different wild flowers and put them under your pillow at Midsummer, the real meaning of the midsummer majstång and participate in some traditional drinking songs. Be introduced to the ancient cow horn, willow flute, Swedish bagpipes and the ethereal nyckelharpa.

A visual treat for the eyes and the ears be transported to the land of the midnight sun. Enjoy some "nordic noir tales": fall in love with the heroes and heroines, at all costs avoid the devil and never cross a nyckelharpa player.

Smörgåsbord is a type of Swedish meal served buffet-style with multiple hot and cold dishes of various foods on a table.
Smörgåsballad* is a Swedish buffet style offering of tales and stories

*Yes we made the word up. :D No allen keys were harmed in the making of this show.


Review from Haverfolk:
“Television is dominated by Scandinavian crime dramas but few have been as bleak and gripping as some of the songs and tales we heard at HaverFolk when the club’s old friends Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer dropped in. They came to give us a sneak preview of Smorgasballad, their new show which sprang from Vicki’s Swedish roots (her mother comes from that lovely country). We’ve often seen Vicki playing her nyckelharpa, the wonderful keyed violin from her homeland, but Smorgasballad offers a splendid introduction to Swedish culture with drinking songs, Maypole dancing, drinking songs, Midsummer celebrations, drinking songs, crayfish parties – did I mention the drinking songs? – and some folk tales.

And this is where the hint of Nordic noir creeps in with the chilling stories of Easter Witches, a Swedish version of the Pied Piper and feuding magicians. Plus a murder ballad that might be considered too grim even for an episode of Wallander. This was Vicki’s debut as a storyteller and she certainly has a talent for it. As for the music, it was of course of the high standard we have come to expect from this talented duo. They are taking Smorgasballad on tour and it can be seen in Essex at the Duton Hill Folk Club on May 21 and the Hoy at Anchor on June 2.”